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Lagos Postcode (Zip Code)
Lagos, Nigeria

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Nigeria, officially referred to as the Federal Republic of Nigeria, is a major country in West Africa, with a population of 211 million, it is the largest country in Africa, encompassing an area of 923,769 square kilometers.

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Lagos Postcode (Zip Code)

Lagos Postcode (Zip Code): Your No. 1 Definitive List.

Find the Lagos Postcode (Zip Code) you’re looking for.

From Badagry to Ikeja, this guide provides info on every address in the state.

Agege Postcode (Zip Code)

Agege Postcode: Your No. 1 Definitive List.

Agege is a very busy area of the metropolitan city of Lagos.

Being able to have your mail get to where and when you want it can be a daunting task, without the correct Agege Postcode (Zip code)

Alimosho Postcode (Zip Code)

Alimosho Postcode: Your No. 1 Definitive List.

The Alimosho Postcode (Zip Code) are a set of six numeric characters that represent the postal sectors in the area, the postal codes (Zip Codes) help to identify locations in the area.