Amuwo Odofin Postcode: Your No. 1 Definitive List.

Find the Amuwo Odofin Postcode (Zip Code) you’re looking for.

From Kirikiri Industrial to Satellite Town, this guide provides info on every address in Amuwo Odofin.

Amuwo Odofin is a very busy area of the metropolitan city of Lagos.

Being able to have your mail get to where and when you want it can be a daunting task, without the correct Amuwo Odofin Postcode (Zip code).

But not to worry, we got you covered! All the Amuwo Odofin Postcode (Zip Codes) are covered on this page.

Amuwo Odofin Postcode (Zip Codes)


Amuwo Odofin Postcode: History

Numerous websites on the internet require correct post codes (Zip Codes) for completing forms, so you are in the right place to find correct and up-to-date information.

Unlike some countries where postal/zip codes usually carry some alphabets, Nigeria zip codes are represented using only 6 digits, irrespective of the region.

The Amuwo Odofin Postcode (Zip Code) are a set of six numeric characters that represent the postal sectors in the area, the postal codes (Zip Codes) help to identify locations in the area.

The codes were introduced by the Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST), which is the organization responsible for providing postal services across Nigeria, and have been in use since 1975.

According to NIPOST, Nigeria is divided into nine regions which makes up the first digit of the code.

The first digit represents the code of each region, while the second and third digits when joined with the first digit, make up the dispatch district for out sorting.

The delivery location, which can be a rural area, an urban area or a post office facility, is represented by the last three digits.

The principal post office in every region has a postal code that ends with 0001.

Postcodes (Postal Code) and Zip codes are usually used for handling deliveries and mail, the confusion is that some countries, like the USA, use Zip codes while countries like Nigeria, use Postcodes.

They both essentially mean the same thing, depending on the country you are in.

All Amuwo Odofin Postcode (Zip codes) can be found here.

If you are an individual or business based in or selling in Amuwo Odofin, it is important that you know all of these details.

This will help to avoid any potential issues related to addresses, shipping etc.

The good news is there’s plenty of information available, so take some time today to familiarize yourself with this vital information!

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Below is the list of streets covered by Amuwo Odofin Postcode (Zip Codes) arranged for easy and convenient viewing:

Amuwo Odofin Postcode (Amuwo Odofin Local Government Area)

Amuwo Odofin Postcode (Zip Code) – 102102

Location Name
Agboju ,
Alakija ,
Etegbin ,
Ibese ,
Ilado Odo ,
Masamasa ,
Old Ojo Road ,
Oluti ,
Owode ,

Trade Fair Complex Postcode (Zip Code) – 102101

Location Name
Abagbo ,
Abule Ade ,
Abule Aka ,
Abule Aliu ,
Abule Aregbe ,
Abule Osun ,
Ade Village ,
Agaja ,
Agaja Asani ,
Agala ,
Agonu ,
Ajangbadi ,
Alaba ,
Egan ,
Etegbin ,
Iba ,
Ibese ,
Ibode ,
Idoluwo ,
Ifako ,
Igbede ,
Igboelerin ,
Ijanikin ,
Ikare ,
Ikotun (Ojo) ,
Ilase ,
Ilogbo ,
Irewe ,
Moba ,
Ojo Town ,
Okokomaiko ,
Omomo Meta ,
Sagbokij ,
Tafi ,
Trade fair complex

Kirikiri Industrial Postcode (Zip Code) – 102272

Location Name
Steve Ajose St
Dillion St
Okoduwa St
Comfort Oboh st
Alomeme St
Raphel Ede Cl
Ezira Cl
Faith St
Olubaka St
Amka Ekiti
Ekere St
Oke Ufo St
Kogberegbe St
Ohumobudo St
Abdulami St
Obo Cl
Happy Home Ave
Coshoris St

Olute/Navy Town Postcode (Zip Code) – 102341

Location Name
1st Rd
2nd Ave
2nd Rd
4th Rd
5th Rd
7th Rd
8th Rd
Adarani St.
Adeola St
Alahma Osunb
Alh. Baruwa St
Alh. Sikiru Otunba St
Balogun St
Baruwa St
Cascoat St.
Ebun Olojede St
Esietemo St
Esther Cl.
Fashiron St
Ishola St
Karimu St.
Lagos Badagry Exp Way
Moradeyo St
Muritala St
Nasiru St
Navy Town Rd
Nigeria Navy Barracks
Sewage Treatment Plant
Tajundeen Cl.

Satellite Town Postcode (Zip Code) – 102361

Location Name
Abiloye St
Abiodun Orebiyi St
Ade Oshodi St
Adebayo Dorherty Ave
Adelaja Odesanwo St
Adeyemi St
Akintola Maja Ave
Alaba Okin St
Alebiosu St
Alh. Mutiu St
Assembly Ave
Awolowo Estate Rd
Babatope St
Bank Estate Rd
Chief Lawrance Oregun Rd
Constitution Rd
Dupe Otegbola Ind. Way
Esie St
Felix Egbamuro St
Ganiyu Olaiya St
Hamza Zubair Ave
Ijegun Egba St
Kehinde Otaoko St
Lagos Badagry Ep Way
Latunde Johnson Ave
Link Rd
Main Rd
Mayegun St
Mission St
Mosunmola Folarin Ave
Musa Anidu St
Navy Town Rd
New Cr
Ogunu St
Olabanoye St
Oladele St
Oladipo Lawason St
Olagoke Ikulaja Ave
Olatunde Abija Ramos St
Omo Khapue St
Osunlate Ogunbode St
Rasaki Oladele Oladega St
Unamed Closes Within Satellite Town

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