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Find the Badagry Postcode (Zip Code) you’re looking for.

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From Ajara to Topo , this guide provides info on every address in Badagry.

Badagry is a very busy area of the metropolitan city of Lagos.

Being able to have your mail get to where and when you want it can be a daunting task, without the correct Badagry Postcode (Zip code).

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Badagry Postcode: History

Numerous websites on the internet require correct post codes (Zip Codes) for completing forms, so you are in the right place to find correct and up-to-date information.

Unlike some countries where postal/zip codes usually carry some alphabets, Nigeria zip codes are represented using only 6 digits, irrespective of the region.

The Badagry Postcode (Zip Code) are a set of six numeric characters that represent the postal sectors in the area, the postal codes (Zip Codes) help to identify locations in the area.

The codes were introduced by the Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST), which is the organization responsible for providing postal services across Nigeria, and have been in use since 1975.

According to NIPOST, Nigeria is divided into nine regions which makes up the first digit of the code.

The first digit represents the code of each region, while the second and third digits when joined with the first digit, make up the dispatch district for out sorting.

The delivery location, which can be a rural area, an urban area or a post office facility, is represented by the last three digits.

The principal post office in every region has a postal code that ends with 0001.

Postcodes (Postal Code) and Zip codes are usually used for handling deliveries and mail, the confusion is that some countries, like the USA, use Zip codes while countries like Nigeria, use Postcodes.

They both essentially mean the same thing, depending on the country you are in.

All Badagry Postcode (Zip codes) can be found here.

If you are an individual or business based in or selling in Badagry, it is important that you know all of these details.

This will help to avoid any potential issues related to addresses, shipping etc.

The good news is there’s plenty of information available, so take some time today to familiarize yourself with this vital information!

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Below is the list of streets covered by Badagry Postcode (Zip Codes) arranged for easy and convenient viewing:

Badagry Postcode (Badagry Local Government Area)

Badagry Postcode (Zip Code) – 103101

Location Name
Aivoji beach
Itoga gbo

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